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We're Bloggers Now!

Hi friends and family! We want to try and do better at sharing our experiences on the road with you all. What better way than a blog? What year is it 2007? Sometimes it seems a facebook or instagram post just can't tell the whole story. Hopefully we can find the time to update you regularly. Let's go for at least once a week? Maybe each Tuesday morning we'll have a new update? That's something like a goal... Let's see what happens! From the get go we want you to understand we're trying the best we can but you'll have to forgive our poor education when you're reading our blog posts. We both tend to write how we think so that includes run-on sentences, too many commas,, not enough commas and A LOT of ellipses..... And curse words. If you can get past all that, hopefully we can still be friends and enjoy this blog together. We'll at least get our yours's and theres's right most of the time.

We've been chatting recently about all of the amazing experiences we have with people and places all over the country. We feel like the luckiest people in the world getting to play our music for folks. It's a dream come true. Sometimes we live in a van outside your nearby wal-mart, and sometimes our friends in D.C. put us up in swanky hotels. Sometimes we drive all night instead of sleeping at all. Sometimes our parents meet us in New Orleans or Lake Tahoe and we live like kings and queens for a few days. Sometimes we hear the river roll on or the ocean waves crash nearby. Sometimes we hear lovers quarreling and dogs barking through the paper thin walls of our cheap hotel room. Sometimes we hear lovers not quarreling...

American Gothic Pickin' Pear

Since August 2017 we've had new neighbors almost every night. We've played hundreds of shows in over 30 states. We're going to use this blog as a way to show our appreciation to our friends, families, and fans for taking an interest in what we do, and to highlight some awesome people and experiences along the way. We'll talk about food, movies, and music and whatever the hell else we want to talk about. Since we'll essentially be doing weekly recaps here let me start with our last week... Last Monday (4/15) we played in Portland Maine at Andy's Old Port Pub. It was a great time and I enjoyed the hell out of my lobster roll. After the show I drove 4 hours till we got to an Albany, NY walmart and passed out about 3:30. The next morning Tia drove while I used her phone as a hotspot and sat with my computer in the passenger seat. I normally can't do this for very long because if I'm

not driving or sleeping in the van I'm busy getting car sick. I inherited it from my mother... But I fought through the queasiness and promoted our first ever single on Spotify and iTunes all day. Tia put in her 8 hours driving till about 5 that afternoon. She got us all the way to the other side of Cleveland before I changed gears and hopped in the drivers seat and drove us to Des Moines, Iowa.

Like the day before and every day ever Tia woke up before me. She started driving and drove until she found us some lunch at a unique sub shop/thai food drive thru conglomeration. I got the Pad Thai and loved it! No regrets either. Somewhere along I-80 in Nebraska you'll find that gem... I took over after lunch and we got into Longmont by sunset, greasy and dazed from the three days drive.

We didn't know what to do really... We couldn't socialize with anyone because our brains were mush at that point... so we grabbed dinner at Whole Foods and cashed in some Regal gift cards we had received along the way. We saw Shazam! Neither one of us knew a thing about it before going in.. We like to surprise ourselves at the movies sometimes. It's a gamble, but sometimes you win! Shazam was OK. We were probably too tired to be entertained... But it seemed like the kids were the best actors in the film. The adult actors were terrible! Maybe deliberately so? I don't know... I give it a 6.3. Showers the next morning at the new Love's truck stop on I-25 were glorious! We ran around getting chores done all day before playing with Jake as Canyon Collected Trio at Pinball Jones Campus West in Fort Collins. We love Jake. We love Pinball. It was a great time! 4/20 we woke up early to get to Littleton, CO to play with the rest of the Canyon Collected guys at a fly fishing event. Anglers All had their anniversary party and invited us to play. We loved it! The show was super fun, the food, the people, the beer, the weather! It was a perfect day. We followed it up with apps and old fashions at a bar nearby. Tia and I dominated our friends Kym and Logan at cornhole (aka bags). We like games! And we really like games where we can be on the same team!

Photo By Kymberly Matuszak

Today I managed to spend an entire 9 hour shift sitting at a Starbucks working on booking and promo and everything else... I made a blog... I learned about SEO (search engine optimization)... I needed a full day in front of a computer. I haven't had or made the time to do it in a long time. I've been so overwhelmed with getting the album together that I really neglected booking tour the way we like to book tour. Our goal is to always play 20 shows a month. Once we get this album out I'm hoping I can find the groove again. Next week we'll talk about our upcoming CD release show in Denver, CO at Globe Hall. We'll tell you about all of our special guests that night, the party bus, our show at FoCoMX with Canyon Collected and our Pickin' Pear show in Steamboat. And surely a whole lot more. That's it for now though. Today we're dropping a new single off the upcoming album. What Have You Done? is available on all media platforms right now and you can hear the whole album 'Feels Like Home' everywhere on May 3rd. Thanks for being a part of this friends. All the love and may we meet again along the way, Leon Tia says, "Hi everyone!"

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