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The second full length album from Canyon Collected featuring both Tia and Leon from The Pickin' Pear.  This album also features amazing songwriters Jake Heidrich, Oliver Adams, and Bryan Schaffer.  

Canyon Collected
In The Woods (2016)

01 - Mountain Towns (O. Adams)
02 - hWhiskey (J. Heidrich)
03 - Appalachian Grown (O. Adams)
04 - Bags (L. Elam)
05 - Maisy Mae's Amazing Maize Maze (T. Martini)
06 - Bobby Jo Graham (O. Adams)
07 - All For Fun (L. Elam)
08 - Let's Run (T. Martini)
09 - Goin' With You > Drunk (B. Schaffer > L. Elam)
10 - Dream Machine (O. Adams)

Canyon Collected CD

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