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Pickin' Pear - Feels Like Home (2019)

01 - Fresh Start

02 - Let It All Go
03 - 21st Century Blues

04 - What Have You Done?

05 - Paradise Valley
06 - Whiskey Brain

07 - Farther Than The Moon

08 - She's The Queen
09 - Crazy Ray's Outrageous Gravy Parade

10 - Burnt Toast

released May 3, 2019

Pickin’ Pear:
Leon Elam - Banjo & Vocals
Tia Martini - Ukulele & Vocals

Also Featuring:
Matt Wolff - Bass & Vocals
Robert Jennings - Drums
Lane Gibson - Vocals

21st Century Blues and Crazy Ray's recorded by
Sam Taylor at The Cathedral in Cincinnati, OH

All other tracks recorded by
Lane Gibson at Lane Gibson Studios in Charlotte, VT

All songs engineered, mixed and mastered by Lane Gibson
at Lane Gibson Studios

Artwork by Lizzy Farley

CD Booklets and Vinyl Inserts printed by

Forest Printing Co. in Forest Park, IL


CDs manufactured & packaged by
QCA, Inc in Cincinnati, OH


Vinyl pressed by Gotta Groove Records

in Cleveland, OH

Vinyl packaged by 
QCA, Inc in Cincinnati, OH

Rehearsals began for this album on December 27th, 2018 with bassist Matt Wolff in the basement of his childhood home in Northern Kentucky. The same basement Matt, Leon, & Rob rehearsed with their high school pop punk band Good By March in 2001. On 12/29 we had rehearsals with drummer Rob Jennings at New Dawn Studios in Alexandria, KY.

Rob had already listened to and practiced Crazy Ray’s and we just nailed it right away. So we threw 21st Century Blues at him and he picked it up quick. The magic was real that day! We recorded those two songs the following afternoon at The Cathedral in Cincinnati, OH with Sam Taylor.

We celebrated the New Year in Chicago and then went to Lafayette, IN for a week of rehearsals while Matt worked his day job around our rehearsal schedule. We played a few shows along the way and made it to Lane Gibson Studios in Charlotte, VT to start recording on 1/7/2019. We recorded for 3 days and mixed for 2 more. We listened to it for a while and did another round of mixes in March. Mastering was completed by March 30th, 2019.

We recorded the Canyon Collected album In The Woods with Lane in 2015 and we wanted to come back and recreate the extremely satisfying recording experience that we had last time. Lane helped us dial in exactly what we wanted. He added vocals we love. He felt like an equal member of the band. Same as Matt. Same as Rob. These guys helped shape the sounds you hear on this album. These songs felt like they grew from what we play each night as a duo into a full-on rockin’ folk ‘n’ roll uke grass band! We hope Matt joins us on Life Tour someday soon. We absolutely love the sound his 5-string electric bass playing adds to our songs. Until then, please check out his political ska-punk band Dissonance & Dissent from Indiana.

Thank you for listening to our songs. We would like to thank everyone. Seriously, there are so many of you! Please know that we love you and we know we couldn’t do this without you. From the bottom of our hearts, Thank you!

All the love and may we meet again along the way!


Leon & Tia 

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